Kitchen and Menu

Milk Kitchen

The smaller milk kitchen is solely for the preparation of milk bottles and baby center food, thus insuring the required standard of cleanliness.
The milk kitchen also facilitates the bottle warmers, so our babies get their bottles at the right tempreture.

Main Kitchen

Our main chef is a highly motivated individual and prides herself on the best and most nutritional meals and snack for our hungry pre-schoolers.
Our kitchen is of a high standard both in hygiene and cleanliness and the staff are constitly supervised and motivated to keep this standard.

Our School Menu

  1. Our food is prepared with only the freshest ingredients available and always on the day it is served.
  2. When tea is served, Rooibos tea is used with fresh milk and minimal sugar.
  3. The juice we use is tartrazine free; children under one year of age are given Liquifruit or Ceres fruit juice, diluted with a little water.
  4. Our menu is adapted to best suit the changing nutritional needs of the children with the change of each season.

We know that your growing child needs nutritious, wholesome meals, prepared with care, to help fight infection and grow up healthy and strong, and that good eating habits formed early in life pay numerous dividends later on. We therefore pride ourselves on the quality of our meals.